Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girls and Herbs

It is now nearing the end of March. Seriously, how fast is the time going to go by??? Conner had just finished up Freshman B-ball. Now he is playing club ball. His day consists of B-ball outside or on the TV or a video game if it is too dark or if the girls are in bed of course I have to wrestle the homework out of him. He will start driving in June. Watch out!!! Hanna and Bailey are just having a great time with the wonderful weather that we have been having. They have been keeping busy with Young Women projects and Achievement Day Girls activities. I was called to be the A/G gal in Novemberish and the girls camp director back in October. (you condolences are welcome) Just kidding. It is all going to be a GREAT learning process for me. The gals that I get to work with are so great and we are going to have a lot of fun. Anyway, we have a lot of deer that live in the almond orchards here on our Paso hill. I have always thought that I would always like to learn to be a better green thumb but I have heard horror stories about the deer and ground squirrels. So, I haven't done it yet. I finally caved and decided to plant a 'test' box to see if it gets gobbled up by the deer. So far so good! I was told about this great website, The Pioneer Woman, great site BTW. She has a ton of great, easy recipes. I have tried a few and they are FAB. Chicken parm was on the menu at our house monday night and I was able to use the basil and parsley that is growing on our front patio table. SOOOO GOOOOD!! What a difference fresh makes and the kids have enjoyed knowing that they planted them. I got some pineapple sage too and I have no idea what to make with it but it smells heavenly. Hanna said that we should make a cake out of it , yes, it smells that good. Any ideas, please send them to me. Hopefully I will be better at posting but it has been a little crazy around Casa de Jorg. We are all well and fiesty. We hope that you are all well too.

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Grandma Kathleen said...

I love your blog! Now its time to update! haha