Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girls and Herbs

It is now nearing the end of March. Seriously, how fast is the time going to go by??? Conner had just finished up Freshman B-ball. Now he is playing club ball. His day consists of B-ball outside or on the TV or a video game if it is too dark or if the girls are in bed of course I have to wrestle the homework out of him. He will start driving in June. Watch out!!! Hanna and Bailey are just having a great time with the wonderful weather that we have been having. They have been keeping busy with Young Women projects and Achievement Day Girls activities. I was called to be the A/G gal in Novemberish and the girls camp director back in October. (you condolences are welcome) Just kidding. It is all going to be a GREAT learning process for me. The gals that I get to work with are so great and we are going to have a lot of fun. Anyway, we have a lot of deer that live in the almond orchards here on our Paso hill. I have always thought that I would always like to learn to be a better green thumb but I have heard horror stories about the deer and ground squirrels. So, I haven't done it yet. I finally caved and decided to plant a 'test' box to see if it gets gobbled up by the deer. So far so good! I was told about this great website, The Pioneer Woman, great site BTW. She has a ton of great, easy recipes. I have tried a few and they are FAB. Chicken parm was on the menu at our house monday night and I was able to use the basil and parsley that is growing on our front patio table. SOOOO GOOOOD!! What a difference fresh makes and the kids have enjoyed knowing that they planted them. I got some pineapple sage too and I have no idea what to make with it but it smells heavenly. Hanna said that we should make a cake out of it , yes, it smells that good. Any ideas, please send them to me. Hopefully I will be better at posting but it has been a little crazy around Casa de Jorg. We are all well and fiesty. We hope that you are all well too.

Friday, December 18, 2009

For some reason, hand made gifts are what I decided to do. I am kinda done with all of the 'stuff''. I thought that this would have a more special meaning to those that we gave them to. I hope that they enjoy them, I REALLY enjoyed making them. If anyone is interested in one, I have some more of them available. There are a couple other 'words' available too. Let me know. ( i won't be able to have them done for Christmas but they make great gifts all year) Love to all of those that we can not be close to at this time of year. Merry Christmas!!


Here are the attempts at a photo...Maybe we will get one in Utah.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July already!!!

First of all let me just apologize for being such a slacker lately. It has been a mad house at times and a morgue other times. I will try to sum up what we have been up to the last few months. The last time we went camping is posted below. We went to Texas for a family reunion, the Monday after school got out. We had such a great time. We were on the "Spent Rent" houseboat for 2 of the days and had a great time. The girls did get sunburned pretty bad but I was diligent in putting on the sunscreen, it just didn't seem to help. It was on their legs, front but mostly the back. They were out playing on the tubes that were tied up to the houseboat. I guess it just wore it off as fast as I put it on. But we all survived. ( there are a few pics on my facebook, thanks to Trisha) After we got home, I kept finding these little pieces of 'paper', so i thought, come to find out it was Bailey's peelings. Gross, I know, but funny. A big huge THANK YOU to Carl, Luann and their wonderful family for hosting all of us and to GMA AND GPA for the trip. We all had a FABULOUS time. I forgot the camera, in my purse both days that we went to the boat. We floated the Comal river. On big inner tubes. That was great too!! The week went by way to fast but we are always glad to get home. Conner went to scout camp this last week and completed 4 more of his merit bages. Only 4 more to go to Eagle. Hanna is getting VERY excited for girls camp in August. I am getting things together for that too. I also was released from the Stake YW and was put in as our wards activity days leader. Bailey and I are looking forward to it. So I have been trying to get some fun ideas together for some activities..Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We have really been trying to keep things mello lately. Lots of friends over and play dates at friends houses but still keeping it on the down low. Mostly just for my own sanity. Now to the dining room pictures posted above. I have been wanting to put some sort of cushion on our chairs for a long time. I finally got around to getting all of the goods needed to make it happen. With Randy's stellar skills with a staple gun we got it done in a few hours and I LOVE it. I think that they look great and are much more comfy on the bottom end. We are no longer going to AZ for my family reunion. Hopefully next year it will come together more smoothly. That is all that has been happening in our world. Sorry for the mega post but if you are a reader, thank you. Keep in touch too. San Luis Obispo is a great place to visit too. Don't forget about us!!! Our door is always open!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

It's raining...Oh wait, that's SNOW!

This last time that we went camping it snowed on us. Sometimes it rains on us or is VERY windy but the snow, that is new! The girls had so much fun in the wet stickiness. This was the kind of snow that made the best snow balls. Very wet and sticky. Hanna and Bailey made some snowmen and Conner stayed nice and dry in the motor home. We are going to have to watch out for Hanna, she is now wanting to JUMP the Razor. I have to think that is going to cause some grief in the future. She even asked if you could do that in a car. Again I say, TROUBLE! Bailey got into a fight with the back of Hannah F.'s boot, hence the fatty lip. They were climbing up a hill and she got booted in the mouth. Even though we were motor home bound longer than we like, we still had a blast. The kids are getting better every time that we go. I think that we will try to do something different in the future so it doesdn't seem like we are just desert rats. I am thinking DISNEYLAND!!! Who is with me???

Monday, February 2, 2009

DIRTY smiles!

Dirty smiles after a long ride. We love baby wipes still! Conner is not ever very dirty because he is in the front most of the time and the poor guy who gets stuck behind him is always a little dirtier that they should be. Conner is a big fan of roosting you if you happen to follow him. I will get him someday!

Mojave Desert, Christmas 2008

The past couple of years we have been going out to the Mojave Desert between Christmas and New Year's. This year was no different. We always have such a blast out there. We usually do some sort of 'family' ride, for the younger riders and those of us who value all of our body parts attached. The 'big' guys usually do a man ride in the morning or late afternoon. We went in to the Borax mine and took a little tour of the facility and saw a movie on what exactly borax is. Pretty interesting stuff actually. It was a 50 mile round trip ride, and our smallest bikes only have 3rd gear so it was some slow going. Hanna and Bailey were freezing when we got back to camp but they were troopers and we did not have any wipeouts or bike issues. Although we did loose one of our adults, Tracey. He thought that everyone was following him and apparently no one was. He showed up in camp about 10 minutes after we got in. You can see by the smiles that we all love it! I guess you cvan't with the helmets on. And I am slowly getting caught up with the blog! I will give you a run down of the pics: Conner just waiting to go, Randy and Bailey pinnin it, Tracey(the one who got lost) and Randy making sure that we are going the right way, Hanna waiting to go too, and Randy getting the awning put away. It can get pretty windy out there.